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Crimped Bleached Gauze Wiping Roll


Crimped Bleached Gauze Wiping RollHermitex is manufactured from 100% purified cotton fibres. It is bright white, lint and silicone free, made from high quality, purified cotton fibres that are non-abrasive, but strong enough to withstand industrial wiping and polishing, even with strong solvents.

It has a thread count of 14 x 7 and is a 3-ply textured crimped weave which provides more surface area for trapping debris and moisture and for absorbing more than four times its dry weight in liquids. The roll has a 100 pre-cut pieces and is 10” wide. Each pre-cut piece measures 16”.

This product is used for cleaning aerospace equipment parts, photocopier and printing machines, glass cleaning and furniture applications.

This product is sold by the case and there are 12 rolls per case.

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