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What is Scrim?

Cotton Scrim material is a unique 100% cotton gauze fabric that is available bleached and natural. It is breathable, has a sheer open weave and is a lightweight fabric that is considered translucent in nature.

It is popular in the theatrical, television and film industries because of its sheer appearance when light shines through from the back and opaque-look when lit from the front. This feature of scrim makes it very popular for stage props.

Cotton scrim fabric is also ideal for painted stage backdrops and it makes wonderful, theatrical costumes. Because it is a breathable fabric, it is comfortable to wear under hot stage lights. This lightweight material has a soft hand and drapes with ease. It is easy to sew, although care must be taken to prevent it from unravelling.

Cotton scrim is also popular with photographers as it is used to control light intensity for photo shoots. It also makes for great window treatments because of its sheer open weave.